Town Clock, Kilcoy
Pencil sketch by D. Retschlag


Welcome to the Kilcoy District Historical Society.

Our organization has been serving the Kilcoy community for more than a decade.  We are a small band of volunteers committed to collecting and indexing historical documents, oral history, photographs and memorabilia of Kilcoy, Queensland, Australia.

The Kilcoy District Historical Society was formed in 1998 to preserve the history of Kilcoy and the surrounding district. Since then thousands of photographs of the Kilcoy area have been scanned and rephotographed.  Indexing these photographs is currently being carried out. Many family histories have been written about the pioneering families of Kilcoy and surrounding district.  All are available for perusal (new material) at the Hall of History building in Hope Street, Kilcoy. Please refer to the detailed listing in "Resources".

A number of bound books have been printed featuring old photographs of places and people of the Kilcoy area.

Please refer to detailed listing under "Resources". 


The site of the 'Town of Kilcoy' was surveyed by W.E. Hill by April 1888, and the first land sale was on November 6 that year. On December 1, 1892, a post office was opened at Kilcoy, and named Hopetoun Post Office, after Louis Hope. The  township was referred to unofficially as Hopetoun until when in 1908 the post office name was changed to Kilcoy, and the town's real name came back 
into general use.

1841 - Mr Evan MacKenzie from the town of Kilcoy in Scotland, took up land and began grazing sheep. Soon after, land was opened up to free settlers. His brother, Colin John MacKenzie, joined him in the running of Kilcoy Station. The property was sold to Charles A. Atherton in 1849. Atherton in turn sold it to Louis Hope and John Ramsay in 1854. The partnership broke up ten years later and Hope became sole owner and built Kilcoy Station homestead of  red cedar timber and bricks, which were made on the property. He stayed on in Kilcoy until 1900.

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