1900 First Police Station built
1901 School at Villeneuve re-named as Westvale School
Villeneuve Provisional School opened
1902 Severe drought; end of Boer war; Durundur lands on Mt Kilcoy thrown open for selection
1903 Exchange Hotel built
1904 Hancock & Gore timber company formed
1905 Kilcoy Methodist Church built; St.Mary's Church of England had been was opened in 1898
1905 Opening of Stanton's Butchery
1906 Telephone line from Woodford to Kilcoy built
1907 Hopetoun Masonic Lodge opened
1907 Hopetoun State School opened on its Royston Street site; Kilcoy Provisional School had opened in Hope St in 1892
Kilcoy Station sold to Government for purpose of enabling closer settlement; William Butler bought the homestead;  Union Bank opened
1908 Lanes and Craig's store began business
1907/08 Hopetoun name changed to Kilcoy
1908 Hazeldean Union Church built
1909 St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church opened
1909 Mt Kilcoy School opened
1910/11 Courthouse erected
1910 Herd's Butchery established
1911 Kilcoy School of Arts erected
1911 First private telephone installed in Kilcoy; Yednia School opened; Newton's Barber Shop opened
1912 Kilcoy Hospital opened
Kilcoy Shire Council Formed
Kilcoy Show began east of Kilcoy Creek; First locally owned car arrived in Kilcoy; Hancock and Gore's Monsildale sawmill built;
Louisavale timber mill built
1913 Monsildale Provisional School opened;  Woodford to Kilcoy rail line opened;mail coaches ceased. Kilcoy Post Office erected
1914 Hopetoun State School renamed Kilcoy State School
Yednia timber mill re-opened;
outbreak of World War one in Europe
1915 Somerset School at Mt Kilcoy opened; Louisavale School opened
1917 Forsyth's Tailor Shop in William St destroyed by fire.
1918 End of World War one
First Kilcoy Show held at Kilcoy Showgrounds
1918 Winya School opened
Stanley Hotel in Royston Street built
1919c William Butler Memorial Clock erected; Inauguration of Kilcoy's RSL; Sheep Station Creek second school opened; Thurecht's timber mill established

References for the above are available  through the society.


 Pioneers of the Kilcoy District, Volume 1, 1841-1901 (2002)

Cost - $20.00 each plus $4.45 postage

This book is a history of the people of the district, concentrating on the first 60 years of settlement, recording
 people who settled  and made their lives here up until the turn of the century, when the township of Hopetoun
(later named Kilcoy) began to grow and more land became available.

Pioneers of the Kilcoy District, Volume 2, 1900 - 1920 (2005)
Cost - $25.00 each plus $4.45 postage

Volume Two of "Pioneers of the Kilcoy District" is a colllection of facts and memoirs of pioneers who began
 their working lives in our district between the years 1900 and 1920.  It is also a representation of the social
 history of the era.  It tells  of the lives of the settler, the early business person and the returned soldier, of
those who came with the establishment of the railway, the shire council and the hospital. It tells of the
 timber mills, the new businesses that sprang up, the opening up of the new lands for settlement
 and selection and of those on the land and in the timber trade who followed in the very footsteps of their
Pioneers of the Kilcoy District of Depression, War and Peace. , Volume 3, 1920 - 1950 
Cost - $25.00 each plus $4.45 postage

       Volume Three of "Pioneers of the Kilcoy District" is a collection of facts and memoirs of pioneers who began
 their working lives in our distrct roughly between the years 1920 and 1950, and included those who
 moved here during that time to help build the growing and prospering township and surrounding community.

Pioneers of Kilcoy District Volume 4, 1920- 1930

Pioneers of Kilcoy District Volume 5, 1930- 1940

War Service Men and Women of Kilcoy
Cost - $25.00 each plus $4.45 postage


This 100 page glossy book is a photographic collation of those who served in the Boer War, WW1 and WW2,
 Korea and Vietnam. Primarily, we endeavoured to cover all those who enlisted into the services from Kilcoy,
 with additional photos and data from various members of Kilcoy connected families being included.

A Meander through Memory, by Larry Jenkinson (2008)
Cost - $20.00 each plus $4.45 postage..

"This is not intended as a book of history; research has been minimal.  I have been largely dependant on
 memory, and Memory, as we all know only too well, can be a fickle mistress so I will accept correction
 on such details as dates and names if such is forthcoming.  I offer no words of wisdom or priceless pearl
of philosophy which might uplift and sustain through the years ahead, you must seek wiser counsel
 than mine for that, but if you derive one half of the enjoyment from reading it as I derived from
writng it I will be well satisfied."              The  Author.

A Pictorial Browse Through Early Kilcoy Shire, Volume 1 (1998)
A Pictorial Browse Through Early Kilcoy Shire, Volume 2 (1998)
A Pictorial Browse Through Early Kilcoy Shire, Volume 3 (1999) 
Cost $10.00 each plus $4.45 postage
These are photographic books expressing the development of Society, with themes of Transport, Rural and
 Industry, In Uniform, Pioneers, People, Sports, Weddings,Scenes and Events.

The William Bradley Hopetoun Store (Kilcoy)
Cost - $20.00 each plus $4.45 postage..

The book has been compiled with the purpose of creating a summary of the successful business in William Street
 Kilcoy, which started out as William Bradley's Hopetoun store, c 1894


Kilcoy District Tennis Association - A Golden Jubilee (2005)
Cost $15.00 each  SOLD OUT

Kilcoy State High School 40th Jubilee (2005)
Cost $17.00 each 

Kilcoy Uniting Church - 100 Years (2005)
Cost $20.00 each


Kilcoy Anglican Church - 100 Years (1998
Cost $5.00 each


Photographic Library

Various historical books

Kilcoy Cemetery Records


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